Digitalization: Key Success Factor #3 – Adaptive Case Management

Many companies are talking heavily about Digital Transformation, Business Transformation or about Digitalization in general. But what does it mean? How can preset strategies for Digitalization actually be implemented? In most cases, many questions marks pop up at this very moment. There are several key success factors for a successful Digitalization process. One of them is Adaptive Case Management (ACM)!

Structured business processes demonstrably enhance the contribution toward the success of a company. To this end, consistent modeling and executing of end-to-end processes is essential. This requires, however, that each work step is determined beforehand.

Automating structured processes is suitable only where each step, from start to finish of the process, can be clearly defined and execution is stringent. A so-called spaghetti BPM process emerges where there is a lot of looping, many abort options and frequent rebounding within the process. Such a process is not only confusing, but it is also quite unsuitable for automation. It takes a large number of connections to cover all ends and this inevitably gives rise to data inconsistencies. Adaptive Case Management (ACM) is the right choice for a spaghetti BPM process.

Unstructured Processes for the Digital Transformation

Especially in successful implementation of digitalization projects, business processes are less structured; they change frequently and need a higher degree of freedom than before. Accordingly, rigid implementation with structured processes will cause financial losses in the long run.

Adaptive Case Management

In ACM, rather than the path being the goal, the central focus is on the goal alone. Process design and sequence definition for the process steps is more flexible with ACM, which supports even ad-hoc events without any problem.
With many requirements for digital transformation, these characteristics (e.g., lots of looping and many abort options) are a great challenge:

  • Approval processes in car Leasing
  • Government processes with long cycle times
  • Client onboarding at Banks
  • Candidates management in HR
  • And many more…

Axon.ivy BPM Suite in Action

AXON IVY is offers intuitive functionalities for Adaptive Case Management. See the concept of ACM in action and start your Business Transformation journey by today:

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