Digitalization: Key Success Factor #1 – Internet of Things

Many companies are talking heavily about Digital Transformation, Business Transformation or about Digitalization in general. But what does it mean? How can preset strategies for Digitalization actually be implemented? In most cases, many questions marks pop up at this very moment. There are several key success factors for a successful Digitalization process. One of them is IoT!

The term “Internet of Things”, in short IoT, means all devices that are equipped with the technology to communicate with other devices or systems, irrespective of their location. Far becomes near, isolated becomes integrated and single-players become a successful team.

This phenomenon opens the doors for entering into the digital age. It literally forms the prerequisite for even thinking about digitalization.

According to various market research institutions, more than 6 billion devices are currently employed all over the world are equipped with IoT functionality. This number will increase significantly over the coming years. Moreover, it should be noted that IoT devices are not limited to mobile phones, rather, these may be any kind of “things” ranging from tiny sensors in clothes up to sophisticated control systems in airplanes.

IoT & BPM = Digitalization

Nevertheless, the devices alone are of no use to enterprises. Appropriate business models are needed that apply the IoT to implement innovative and new solutions in an existing or new market. Thanks to the IoT, business processes are changing significantly, creating disruptive solutions that generate increased sales and higher profits for the enterprise.

Going by cab has changed with Uber; TripAdvisor has rendered hotel stars insignificant; and Netflix is challenging traditional broadcasting stations in the long run.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Digitalization has arrived! Now, it needs innovative ideas, the right technology and the best partner for successful implementation.

IoT causes end-to-end processes to change so fast that process optimization is not enough to help you prevail on a market. Therefore, IoT and BPM are crucial to digitalization; they must be closely connected and harmonized seamlessly.

AXON IVY integrates IoT directly in its Axon.ivy BPM Suite as an IoT gateway, thus allowing an ideal exchange between IoT devices and the business process.

Example: Nurse 2.0

IoT and BPM allow nurses to work in an entirely different manner. It is not enough to give her a tablet device to record measured temperature values of patients. Thanks to IoT, temperatures are continuously monitored, appropriate medication is automatically administered and the nurse, or even the doctor, is immediately and precisely notified in case of complications.

Nurse 2.0 wastes no time changing rooms; but rather, focuses on value-adding, here lifesaving, activities.

Axon.ivy BPM Suite in Action

AXON IVY is even more flexible and offers easy integration possibilities with any other IoT gateway. See the Nurse 2.0 example in action and start your Business Transformation journey by today:

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