Digitalization: Key Success Factor #2 – Social Collaboration

Many companies are talking heavily about Digital Transformation, Business Transformation or about Digitalization in general. But what does it mean? How can preset strategies for Digitalization actually be implemented? In most cases, many questions marks pop up at this very moment. There are several key success factors for a successful Digitalization process. One of them is Social Collaboration!

Exchanging information is more crucial today than ever before. Decentralized companies work together through networking. Thus, more and more frequently, large numbers of people and various locations are simultaneously involved to participate in a single business process. In this context, even those persons are relevant who are affected only indirectly by the process, yet represent a crucial part of the communication chain.

Everyone is Joining in!

A digitalization project can be successful only if efficient universal collaboration is ensured in the long term. Accordingly, digital transformation must provide appropriate tools at the right time.

Social Collaboration

Social collaboration is an important piece in the puzzle of successful digitalization. Thanks to targeted interconnection of all internal and external participants, knowledge can be better distributed throughout the entire organization; it can be made accessible and available irrespective of location, person or time. Such transparency significantly increases productivity, enhances flexibility and creates a competitive advantage, even in the digital age.

Creating New Business Models

Digitalization utilizes all technical options and systematically applies these in defining new and innovative business models. In most cases, the time factor plays a major part. A company that is runner-up in placing a successful business model on the market will achieve distinctly fewer sales than the pioneer (Examples: Uber, TripAdvisor, Airbnb, etc.).

Thus, social media and dissemination of information via these channels must play an integral part in marketing the new business model.

Axon.ivy BPM Suite in Action

AXON IVY is offers intuitive functionalities for Social Collaboration. Use the ad-hoc self-service portal to directly involve people or chat with your peers in real-time. See Social Collaboration in action and start your Business Transformation journey by today:

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